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Oahu Life | Fresh Local Fish on Oahu by Local I'a


Oahu Life | Fresh Local Fish on Oahu by Local I'a

You may think it is easy to get good fresh fish on Oahu. After all, we live on an island, surrounded by the ocean for thousands of miles in every direction with, presumably, plenty of fish. However, it seems that most local grocery stores do not get great fish and often, the fish there is not local. We’ve been really disappointed at the fish available at our local grocery stores. Most of the best local fish is sold directly to restaurants by the fisherman at auction. 

delicious poke local fish

So what is a fish lover to do when the “best” fish readily available on Oahu is found at Costco and imported from the mainland? Try Local I’a.  Friends just turned me on to this great source for fresh local fresh on Oahu. And it’s awesome!

What is Local ‘Ia?

Local I‘a is distribution and subscription based seafood business. They source local, in-season seafood that is caught through pono fishing practices and distributed directly to chefs and consumers. Local I’a was established to increase the awareness of where seafood comes from, highlight our hard working pono fishers, and provide healthy local seafood.

How & How Much is Local ‘Ia?

▪︎ Choose a pickup site that is close to your home or work
▪︎ Choose a subscription

Kau Share – $29.00
Ohana Share – $52.00/box
1 Pound Share – $20.05

(Prices as of September 2022)

▪︎ Go to your pickup site at the designated time
▪︎ Enjoy fresh, local, pono seafood!

Where is Local ‘Ia?

Pickups are currently in various locations across Oahu, including farmers’ markets.

Check out their website Local I’a for more current information, and even some yummy sounding fish recipes. Enjoy!